So you have decided to take the big step of starting driving lessons. Congratulations, you are about to change your life!  This article covers what to expect on your first driving lesson.  Bare in mind, this is based on how I usually cover lesson 1 and may differ for different instructors.

Learning to drive opens up a whole new world of freedom and opportunity, you will have the advantage at job interviews and have the ability to go anywhere, whenever you want.

At this point you will have done your research and found a driving instructor in your area.  If you are not yet at this stage I would recommend reading my article, thinking of learning to drive.

What to Bring with You

The first thing you will need is a provisional driving license, if you dont have one yet you can get one from the DVLA website, allow 14 days before your first lesson.

You will also need to bring with you any prescribed eyewear, as you will be required to read a number plate from 20.5 metres before you can drive my car. Please wear suitable footwear, heels don’t make for smooth gear changes!  A nice pair of trainers would be great, also avoid sandals as they can catch on the foot pedals.

If you have driven before, or are moving from another instructor, please bring with you any previous test reports if you have previous test fails.

Ensure that you are well rested and not under the influence of anything you shouldn’t be.

You will also need to bring the payment with you if you haven’t paid in advance.

Lets Get Driving

Unlike other driving schools, I want you to be driving the car as soon as possible.  I keep looking at books to a minimum. I am guessing you came to me to learn to drive and not learn to read. That being said, lesson 1 does require quite a bit of preparation compared to the following lessons.  We will need to learn how to set up the car perfectly for you and how the gears work. I will also introduce you to my dual controls and assure you that nothing bad can happen, even if something goes wrong I have the experience to stop accidents happening.

We’ll start by learning how to move off and stop safely using prepare, observe, move and MSPSL when you pull over.  POM and MSPSL form the basis of all of your learning. I’ll also explain SCALP (Safe, Convenient And Legal Place) when stopping at the side of the road.

People have a fear of stalling when starting to learn to drive.  Everyone stalls, I even do it sometimes and I have been driving 20 years.

Depending how fast you make progress through the basics I may also introduce you to reversing in a straight line and or basic junctions.

Hopefully you will have enjoyed your introductory lesson and at this point we will book your next lesson.

Ready to Start?

To start your lessons give me a call on 07508 007666, or send me an email on our booking page. I look forward to welcoming you to my driving school soon.