I’m delighted to finally get back on the road and I am sure you are too.  Below is the learner agreement that everyone who has lessons will have to agree to before they can start / resume lessons.

48 hours before your driving lesson you will receive an automated message reminding you of the lesson time, this message will also contain a link to this page.

Before Your Lesson

  • I’ll ask you to reply to the message to confirm you have not experienced any symptoms or been in contact with anyone who has had symptoms within the last 14 days.  If you do not reply to this message I will not arrive for the lesson. and you may be charged.
  • Please be honest with your reply.  I am counting on peoples honesty not to put me and my family at risk.
  • If you reply and let me know that you have symptoms or been in contact with people who have, I will not charge for the cancelled lesson.
  • Please wash hands thoroughly before your lesson and if you have been out or working before hand a change of clothes.  Please wear long sleeves.  Gloves of any kind should not be used.
  • Payment will need to be made before the lesson if bank transfer or at the start of the lesson if paying by card.  Sorry, at the moment I am not taking cash.

During Your Lesson

  • I’ll meet you outside of the car and ask you to use my hand sanitiser.  For the time being we are being asked to use disposable face masks, I have these if you don’t have your own.
  • We will (weather permitting) discuss the plan for the lesson outside of the car.
  • We will take a 5 minute break half way through the lesson.
  • All 4 windows will be open a quarter of the way throughout the lesson.
  • If I need to intervene with your steering, we’ll need to stop and clean the steering wheel.

After Your Lesson

  • Lesson de-brief will take place outside of the car
  • Next lesson planning will take place outside of the car
  • I encourage paying for the next lesson in advance
  • I’ll ask you to use my hand sanitiser after the lesson

I look forward to welcoming you all back, I have missed everyone.  These last few months have not been easy and it has been a real struggle keeping the business going.  As I am pretty new to self employment, I was not entitled to any government support, except the standard universal credit.  I will try to keep lesson prices at current levels, but a small increase may be required in the near future.