Learning to drive is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do, it gives you freedom, a great sense of achievement and brings new opportunities as being able to drive will offer better job prospects.

Step 1

Study up for the theory test

Even before you are 17 or before you get your provisional driving license you should begin studying for your theory test. Providing you use the resources available to you, the theory test should be pretty straight forward.  The main reason I have seen for people failing this test is nerves. The questions themselves are mostly common sense and the videos, providing you know the best method for clicking on them are not difficult.

Know your traffic signs and the highway code books are recommended reading.

Step 2

Get your eyes checked

The first thing you’ll be asked to when you take your practical driving test is to read the number plate of a car in the car park of the test centre.  If you can’t do this you’ll fail the test immediately and lose the money you have paid.  Any decent driving instructor will have already checked your eyesight using this method when you starting learning to drive but in case they don’t get them checked.

Step 3

Find a reputable driving instructor

Thanks to intense testing and background checks I would be surprised if there were any rogue driving instructors out there but you never know.  Always do your research and ask for recommendations.  Besides this website, I don’t advertise at all, I work on word of mouth only. I of course recommend Bill Plant Driving School.

Step 4

Take your time

A lot of people rush their lessons, asking for a full week of lessons.  While this does work for some people, the majority will become frustrated at their lack of progress.  I recommend at the most 2, 2 hour lessons a week with practice at home with a parent in between if possible. Between lessons you can also study videos, youtube has some great videos with tips that will be very useful.

Step 5

Listen to your instructor

Your instructor will know when you are ready for your test. They have the experience to know when you have the ability and confidence to pass your test.  Despite what people say, your instructor wants you to pass.  We all have a pass rate that we like to keep up.  Whilst you are able to book your test on your own, an instructor that feels you are not ready will not allow you to use their car.

Step 6

Pass the test

Sounds easy right?  Well it kind of is.  Like the theory test, most fails happen because of nerves.  If you listen to the examiner and do as your instructor has taught you, you will pass.  If you feel the nerves coming, take a deep breath and try to concentrate on the road ahead. I recommend taking a look at my article driving test tips.

Best of luck!