This is a question I get everyday. Which is best to learn to drive in? Automatic or manual driving lessons? If anyone asks me I always give the same answer, for me, it’s manual, at least for now.

The Future

In the future I can see automatic cars becoming the norm and eventually I’m sure they will replace manual totally with the further introduction of electric vehicles.

Personally I have only driven an automatic car once and I hated it. As a manaul driver for over 20 years I don’t think I could get used to having no clutch.

Having a manual license allows you to drive both manual and automatic cars. Whereas automatic license holders can only ever drive automatic.  If you ever wish to drive a manual you will need to retake the test in a manual car.

There are many excellent automatic instructors, including Bill Plant Driving School.

Having spoken to many of these automatic instructors, they do find that the majority of learners they get have already tried and failed to learn in a manaul car and have become frustrated at their lack of progress.  Often this lack of progress is not only caused by having issues with the gears. It is my opinion that anyone, with a little patience and determination can master a manual gearbox.

Cost of Repairs

Also consider the increased cost of repairs to an automatic car . Replacing gearboxes and other parts on an automatic car can be very expensive.

I’ve had quite a few learners come to me having tried manual driving lessons before, sure that they cannot manage the gears. With a little patience and hard work we have managed to work through it and they have gone on to be excellent drivers.

If you are interested in learning to drive in a manual car, get in touch with me today.