Below is a small selection of questions from the official theory test.  Out of these questions, you need to answer 43 of the 50 questions correctly to pass.

This quiz no longer exists

A theory test pass is a requirement before you can take your practical driving test, however you don’t need to have passed to start driving lessons.

The theory test is a multiple choice quiz followed by a selection of hazard perception videos designed to test both your reaction speeds and your ability to spot potential hazards.

Bill Plant‘s website has some great resources available to my learners for free that will definitely help you as you study for your theory and hazard perceptions tests.

I can help you with study material for your test and offer advice on how best to approach the hazard perception videos.  I have books available that you can purchase during lessons which will assist you in your revision.  Both the highway code and traffic signs books are a good place to start and contain all of the answers to the tests.