Driving Lessons in Maltby

We have appointments available for new clients who are interested in learning to drive in Maltby.  You can learn to drive in a brand new, 1 series BMW.

From the very basics of driving such as safety and controls right through to advanced maneuvers and complex junction situations.

Maltby has some ideal areas for learning to drive such as the winding country road approaching Tickhill and the many junctions around the Cliff Hill area.

Maltby is located near the Rotherham driving test centre, however you may take the test in any centre you wish. We will work together and progress your driving skills to the point that I feel you are ready to take the practical test.

Driving Lessons in Mexborough

When we begin our lessons, we will start by looking at the basic controls of the car.  Once you are comfortable with the controls, we will move on to look at how to safely move away from a parked position and the park up again at the side of the road.  We will then move on to looking at using the gears and using the emergency stop maneuver.

Once you are able to move off and stop safely, use the gears and have some level of independant driving skills we will make a plan to move through the remaining areas you will need work on to be ready for your driving test.

I look forward to welcoming you as a client as you start this exciting journey towards freedom and independence.

You can find me on facebook, call, text or whatsapp me on 07508 007666 or contact me on my contact us page.

1 Hour Lesson

£30.001 Hour
  • Can be used as part of block bookings
  • Top of the Range Tuition Car
  • Free access to my app
  • Call me for block booking offers
  • Help with Theory Test

90 Minute Lesson

£45.00Per 90 Minutes
  • 90 Minute Driving Lesson
  • Top of the Range Tuition Car
  • Help with Theory Test
  • Good for Birthday Gifts
  • Block Booking Discounts Available

Special Offer

£280.0010 Hours of Lessons
  • New and existing customers
  • Can be taken in 1 hour or 90 minute lessons
  • Top of the Range Tuition Car
  • Buy as a Gift for Friends and Family
  • Can't be Used With any Other Offer

Driving Lesson Prices